Every year countless companion pet birds are being forced to find new homes for multiple reasons. Some of those birds are easier to adopt than others who are requiring special short or long term care. B2L House is a companion pet bird rescue organization and sanctuary, focused on providing housing, expert medical and mental care. Our trained Veterinary Technicians and volunteers provide birds a safe, loving environment, supported by some of the most knowledgable Avian Veterinarians in the Country. Together we strive to improve these birds lives with the goal of rehabilitating them completely.

If you would like to help, donate some money or volunteer, please contact us by email at donations@b2lhouse.org for donations or volunteer@b2lhouse.org for opportunities to volunteer.

If you find any pet birds or domestic birds with special needs, please contact us by email at birds@b2lhouse.org for details.

If you find any injured wild birds, please contact the closest wild life rescue center. In San Antonio you may want to reach out to Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation at http://wildlife-rescue.org.