July 2017: B2L House now on Instagram

Please visit our latest images on Instagram.

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January 2017: B2L House now registered as non-profit in Texas

B2L House, a California and Federal 501(c)(3) public charity is now formally registered in Texas as a non-profit organization. Since moving to San Antonio in October, B2L House has settled in to its new home and will further expand in the near future. Please connect to our facebook page for ongoing updates.

October 2016: B2L House moves to San Antonio, TX

In October B2L House moved to San Antonio, TX. Using a modified RV all birds arrived safely and enjoy the new space.

Our temporary indoor/outdoor pigeon aviary:

San Antonio

May 2016: The Youngsters

Welcome the new youngsters Brianna, Lea and Polly all hatched in 2015. They came to B2L House from different homes. Brianna already had three previous homes, she is very sweet but shy. Lea is beautiful and eager to learn. Everyone loves Polly who is fearless and very adventurous!

The Youngsters

December 2015: The Flock

Happy Holidays from our Flock to yours!

The Flock

November 2015: Cutie

Cutie is a Button Quail with deformed legs. She was being picked on by her flock mates. At B2L House Cutie has a safe, clean environment where she can live peacefully as a cherished pet bird.


July 2015: Pepper

Beautiful Pepper was up for rescue at a local shelter. She is a very active, outgoing pigeon who loves to fly. She just recently made friends with a snow white King pigeon named Clover who is double her size.


March 2015: Otis, Daphne and Claire

Otis, Daphne and Claire were surrendered to B2L House when their owner was no longer able to keep them. They are a very friendly mother, dad and daughter trio. We are happy to have them as part of the family.

Otis & Daphne & Claire

December 2014: June & Angelino

Wishing you a peaceful, joyous Holiday Season.

June & Angelino


Don't ever charge a bird by his looks! this is Logan who came from the shelter with 5 of his cockatiel friends. He is very energetic, friendly and outgoing. Logan is a sweetheart and we love his unique looks.



Meredith is a very gentle normal grey boy who's bird friend passed away rather sudden. He joined our flock this year and is very happy and content sitting on my shoulder while I do my housework in the evenings.



Petite came to us when someone found her abandoned on the ground at the estimated age of only 5 days. She was weak and dehydrated so we warmed her up, gave her fluids and slowly started feeding her with baby bird hand feeding formula.


Here she is 10 days young. You can see the development not only in terms of size and weight gain but also the first real feathers sprouting in.


Petite at day 15 of her young life. She will grow to be a stunning Ringneck Dove!


Doves fledge at approximately 21 days of age. Here is Petite on day 20. She is (almost) all grown up now and not interested in hand feeding any more. She has bonded to me, loves to travel on my head and follows me throughout the house.



Audrey, our beautiful Pearl Cockatiel girl, got surrendered because her family was no longer interested in keeping her. Often people don't realize how long these birds can live so they eventually become a burden to them.



Birdy is a senior Blue Headed Pionus. She came to us because her previous owner had health issues. She is one of the sweetest most gentle birds ever who loves her head scratches and all kinds of fruit and vegies..



Scarlet is a stunning female Eclectus. She came to us with a spine injury which has some effect on her mobility. She talks extremely well and always amazes us with her large vocabulary.


January 2014: Cisco

Happy New Year from Cisco!

This friendly young man flew onto a nice lady's balcony after being chased by a cat. Somehow Cisco must have escaped his former home and got lost in the big outdoors. He was very lucky to be taken in and cared for until he could get to his new permanent home. We are very happy to welcome him as one of our latest flock members. Cisco is doing great amongst all other cockatiels. He is very active and outgoing..


November, December 2013: Precious

Happy Holidays from all of us at B2L House. Especially from Precious, one of our most recent intakes. This little fellow was taken in from a shelter. He is completely blind amongst other things. Despite his severe handicap and his poor condition we admire his strength and courage to life and his patience coping with not being able to see his new surroundings.

Birds like Precious bring tears to our eyes wondering how any human being could have let this go so far before reaching out for help. But, at the same time, birds like Precious keep us going in our quest to make this world a better place one bird at a time.


August, 2013: Ester

Ester came to B2L House from less than perfect conditions. She must have had an accident a while ago resulting in the loss of her right leg. She is overall in mediocre shape with her eyes inflamed and swollen. Ester is on medication which will hopefully help her physical condition. We have to work patiently on Ester's mental state as she is very fearful of hands coming towards her. I can only imagine what the poor bird must have been through.

B2L House is always stepping up for birds like Ester who need us most.


April, 2013: Watusi

Greetings from Watusi! This little fellow was found as a stray in front of a store in Watsonville, CA. He became a Mickaboo bird (please check out our fellow companion bird rescue www.mickaboo.org) and is now adopted into B2L House.

Watusi has a history of dermatitis underneath his wing which is why he is sporting a fancy collar in this picture. With good management and some hormone shots he is collar free now enjoying lots of head rubs and kisses from his humans as well as cockatiel company from his special friend Chevy.


Mar, 2013: Mrs. B

Please welcome Mrs. B as our latest flock member. She is a precious little girl who got into an accident with a large parrot biting her foot at her former home. Unfortunately the leg needed amputation. Mrs. B is adjusting well after a rocky road to recovery. She has made new cockatiel friends already..

Mrs. B

Feb, 2013: My Valentine

Happy February from Pogo and Abby! We have been part of the B2L House Flock for the past seven years. Our mom adopted us after we got injured by a raccoon who ripped Pogo's leg out and shredded Abby's wings real bad. We spent weeks in intensive hospital care at the avian vet but as you can see we recovered very nicely. We are a perfect example of the B2L House mission - rehabilitating and caring for special needs birds.

Pogo and Abbey

Dec, 2012: Mickacoo Calendar Available

Pigeons and Doves make wonderful pets. B2L House is educating the public at adoption events in the Bay Area. We are featured with our pet Dove and King Pigeon Valiant on the September page of the new 2013 Mickacoo calendar. To order a calendar or learn about birds for adoption, visit the Mickacoo Facebook website.

Mickacoo Calendar

Nov, 2012: Welcome Faith

Faith is the latest B2L House flock member. We adopted her from Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue.
She is a sweet female with advanced metabolic bone disease which caused her legs to get completely deformed. She has multiple old fractures in her wings and back. We are working on rehabilitating Faith the best we can but this condition is not reversible. Our Vet bills have been high. Faith and B2L House would greatly appreciate your donation towards Faith's care.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering a healthy bird please visit the Mickaboo website at www.mickaboo.org


Oct, 2012: Adoption Fair

Pigeons and Doves make wonderful pets. We are visiting with King Pigeon Valiant at a fellow rescue adoption fair. For more information on how to become a foster or adoptive parent for those lovely birds log on to www.pigeonrescue.org.

at the adoption fair

Oct, 2012: Sunrooms and Aviaries

Cockatiel Lucia is getting some out time in our newly built sunroom/walk in aviary. Nyla Copp specializes in birdsafe, high quality custom aviaries. You can look at her website www.mybirdiebuddy.com to contact her.

in the sun room

Sep, 2012: Noel becomes a movie star

Noel, one of our cockatiels is featured in the movie "Life with Alex" due to her incredible ultra violet glow.

Noel under UV Light
Photo by Emily Wick

Aug, 2012: B2L House is a 501(c)(3) public charity

We are very proud to let you know that it is official now. B2L House is approved as a 501(c)(3) public charity with tax exempt status.

B2, our first cockatiel, and his friend Lucy would be pleased knowing they gave their names to the Sanctuary and are probably watching over us from above.

Our website, Facebook etc. are still under construction. Please stay tuned for updates.

If you would kindly like to make a donation you can email us at donations@b2lhouse.org. You will receive a receipt for tax deductible purpose.

Also, we are looking for volunteers helping with everything from cleaning cages, basic bird care, feeding and medicating and technical computer support. If you or anyone you know is interested please let me know by email at volunteer@b2lhouse.org. Bird experience is welcome but not required as I will teach you.

Thank you for considering and for your continuous support.

Warm regards,